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Neck Firm well muscled neck should be moderately long, slightly arched and flow into well angled shoulders with no appearance of abruptness.

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This could be due to a so called bottleneck effect, i.

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Many of the Goldendoodle dog breeders wean litters from their mothers way too soon. More…

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In most cases, adult dogs are by far easier to housebreak than puppies. More…

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She is extremely lovable and does not like to be separated from us. She potty trained very quickly, by 12 weeks old she was fully trained with minimal accidents while training. We did puppy kindergarten and she learned basic commands easily. We have young children and she is very tolerable and not bothered by them at all. She is quite mouthy but in a playful way and we are currently working on that. She is a fabulous walking companion and is great with other dogs.

Sensitive stomach, loved to bring gifts to people, especially shoes so you were always missing one.

They absolutely must have guidance and structure if they are to be well behaved.

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