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We are extremely happy with her.

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Her blood work and urinalysis were fine.

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We are a home breeder in specializing in Miniature Goldendoodles also known as Mini Goldendoodles Puppies. More…

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Though you may find these breed of dogs in different sizes but the standard ones are considered as one of the healthy ones unlike the standard doodles. More…

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After about the fifth try, my Mom was frustrated. She just held out both hands perpendicular to the floor, and shook them in front of Mambo, saying nothing. Within a moment Mambo put her head between the hands. My Mom latched on to her head and Mambo slowly backed up. My Mom was UP!Lots of 'Good Dog' from me Mambo's Favorite treat and Mambo pranced along side of my Mom to the bathroom. That one behavior was the start of it All.

One of those included is a genetic test that looks at the genes affecting your dog's body size blueprint.

But on the other hand, its nearly impossible to figure out the perfect haircut for your doodle?What is the best doodle haircut?We're here to help you figure out the answer to that question!You'll find short articles with a variety of goldendoodle hairstyle ideas to assist you in designing the perfect haircut for your own doodle.

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