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And with respect to the specific diseases that many purebreds carry, isolating suspect genes and replacing them with other versions either from the same or different breeds could provide a clear benefit.

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Most are very allergy friendly with the F1B being the most allergy friendly dog.

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The Goldendoodle breed did not become popular until the 1990’s, but since then, it has become a favorite family pet for many households. More…

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They are an important part of my life and family. More…

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""Molly basically does NOT shed!Her fur is soft and wavy longer and is quick to dry. Doesn't hold dirt and sand, not matted at all. It's wonderful!She is getting redder. Her tail, face, and legs are much more red, and there is darker red at the base of her coat, so I think she will become more red with time. Yea!She is a happy, curious, playful, and a very smart puppy. She sits and comes very well.

Your puppy will come up to date on vaccinations and with a great health guarantee.

Some breeders prefer to restrict breeding to early generation dogs bred from a Poodles and Labradors rather than from two Labradoodles to maximize genetic diversity and maintain hybid vigor as a way to avoid the inherited health problems that plague many recognized dog breeds.

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